MRSA under control

As you are aware, the problem of hospital acquired infections is a great concern to the general public and the cleanliness of hospitals a key political issue, especially with the recent publicity surrounding the MRSA bug.

A key contributor to MRSA's survival is the numerous curtain fabrics prevalent in the hospital environment that may harbour bacteria. Curtain Services can now supply a fabric that:

  1. 1- Kills micro-organisms on contact and covers Straphylococcus aureus(including MRSA), Escherichia coli and Aspergillus niger;
  2. 2- Inhibits the growth of moulds, mildew and fungi;
  3. 3- Inhibits the growth of moulds, mildew and fungi;

The treatment does not rely on the release of poisons and micro-organisms are killed physically rather than by chemical means. The process involves a positive charge of the active agent breaking the wall of the micro-organism cell causing it to collapse in on itself. The process prevents bacterial residue which can survive on the edges with chemical treatments; building resistance and producing future resistant generation. The physical solution also prevents mutation of the micro-organism.

The use of this fabric will not change any of your current process such as cleaning, washing, etc. The fabric is durable and can be laundered as normal; tests have shown that the anti-microbial coating is unaffected by heat and its effectiveness is not diminished by use (treatment remains effective after 100 washes at 71 degrees C).

The fabric will continue to meet fire resistant standards and the physical properties and appearance of the fabrics remain unchanged. The fabric also meets British Standards 5867 part 2 Type B/C and does not compromise your choice of colours or patterns.

To discuss these significant benefits to your patient care routines, please call Kevin at 087 2572209 or Ross at 086 8132375 or email